Triple Anal Butt Plug Training 7PCS Kits

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PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS – Ease opens the backdoor with this Butt plug set in 7 sizes. Comfortably stretch for width and girth. Start small with our 3.25-inch sex toys, intensify with the 4-inch butt plug and go further with the 5-inch large Butt plug.

PLEASURE FOR ALL – Our Butt plug set pleases all. Solo, couples, men, and women enjoy firm, flexible Butt toys for beginners. Stimulating prostate massage for men and women with G stimulation from our butt plug trainer kit.

HIGH-GRADE SILICONE – The butt Plug Training Kit uses 100% silicone for safe, easy-to-clean pleasure. A silky surface means easy penetration with a firm yet flexible butt plug trainer kit. Butt plugs add a fun kink to your sex life.

HOURS OF COMFORT – Our Butt plugs feature a sleek design for hours of comfortable butt plug training. Butt training plugs deliver fast stretching with a flared base for worry-free retrieval. The perfect gay sex toys for men at the office, in the car, or swiping on dating apps!


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Pink or Purple
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-speed

14 reviews for Triple Anal Butt Plug Training 7PCS Kits

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  1. Got product in today and I liked it, of course I didn’t even touch the small one and went in for the medium one put it in and it was nice, saw many reviews talking about the larger one, it really was big so after a little while I decided to see if it was possible to even put in the larger size so I inserted the largest one and wow! it really does feel fufilling! I like it, I guess my only complaint would be that I wish the larger one was more bigger and larger :) ^__^ I guess I must be a natural…

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  2. Great training tool for anal play with my sub who is hardly a virgin back there butt it has been a while.. be sure to use a good lube. i use coconut oil. spit is not a good lube. and take your time.

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  3. Doesn’t the name say it all. My girlfriend loves putting in me. Haven’t quit convinced her to try one out but hopefully will soon. Like everyone has said the smallest one is too small. I like the biggest one best. Stays in place.

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  4. So as a gay male I have always been a top, but I have also had fantasies about trying other things and these helped me work up to that. The different sizes is key as I was able to start slow and move my way up. As atop I just wanted to take it slow and these helped me train myself. That being said I do wish the section cups worked a little better and while I like the girth of the smaller ones starting out it would have been nice if the length was a little longer as I was looking more for smaller in girth than length as I worked up in sizes. Overall think they are good way to start and helps reduce the anxiety and discomfort than jumping right into it. Nothing fancy, but helped me get more comfortable with the idea. Hope this helps anyone thinking about trying it…I am glad I did.

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  5. So smooth! I love when my mistress plays with me using these toys. They are smooth and soft (jelly-like) so they feel great inside. The small one can slip out occasionally with rough thrusting, but otherwise they make great plugs as well as great toys. Smell went away after one washing. They feel so good stuffed up inside.

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  6. This is a great item, for men as well as women, it takes a little to get used to it, but after that, its a blast all the way, my wife used and wears her’s as much as possible, keeps her ready for the night time fun. Thanks, and would buy these items again for sure.

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  7. Got these for my BF as he wanted to explore anal joys. At first he said, ” They are purple but I will not tell my butt if you don’t” Deal it was…we both kept it a secret. He loves his new toys and we are now ready for the strap on! Nice quality and they shipped real quick!

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  8. I was so excited to receive the anal training kit, that when it arrived I knew I would try it out before going to bed. The smallest one is a starter size almost equivalent to inserting a suppository. But the medium size felt just right. Haven’t tried the largest one yet. And the only down side is the fact it will slide out.

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  9. It’s good these are for training newbies cause they are small. Even the biggest one is small for me, but they were a great fit for my last sub. She liked them and they helped me to stretch her out comfortably, a bit at a time, till she was ready for the main event.

    So, yeah. If you can take the real thing already, you don’t need these. If not, you’ll love them.

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  10. If you are wanting to try the “backdoor” play but terrified of it hurting, I would definitely recommend this. It helps ease you into playing this way and the smallest one is definitely the right size for trying it out.

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  11. I wasn’t too sure how I would feel using these but to my surprise have fallen deep (no pun intended) into them. The smallest one wasn’t of much interest to me but the next size up was good as a warm up, leading to the bigger one which when used with my partner was orgasm inducing.

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  12. Greet toy for the collection. small was way to small, medium was very good for all day ware you can sit walk do anything with it in, large was a greet fill but nothing to keep in for a day. love the flexability of them just lube and insert for a fun day or play time.

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