Here at SexPurple’s, we want you to have the hottest sex ever! We carry all the products you want to increase intimacy with your partner.

When you want to connect with your lover in the most intimate of ways, trying out sex toys for couples can spark a whole new erotic side to your relationship! Whether you have experience with these types of adult products or not, using them together with your partner can show you what truly turns them on and expand the possibilities of what you can do with each other in bed.

The couple that plays together has the most fun, which is why SexPurple’s has a couple of sex toys running the gamut from strap-ons to dildos to bullet vibrators and vibrating panties! Rather than keeping these erotic goodies all to yourself, you can show off for your partner as you indulge your exhibitionist side, or hand over a vibrator and let them use it to make you moan. The possibilities for how you use your adult toys for couples are endless. One of you can be the “giver” and the other the “receiver,” you can take turns trying them on each other, or you can incorporate them into your foreplay or intercourse.

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